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ReVamp Energy Solutions (“ReVamp”) delivers comprehensive solar and battery consulting and installation services to residential, commercial, educational, and non-profit organizations. Licensed and bonded, ReVamp specializes in developing turnkey, vertically integrated renewable energy solutions that provide a combination of solar panels and battery backup for grid failures, energy storage, and utility savings. 

An industry leader in solar energy since2015, ReVamp has been dedicated to promoting a clean, sustainable future by helping homeowners and businesses find innovative ways to become more energy independent. 

To date, ReVamp has completed more than 400 residential and commercial solar projects throughout Southern California, and has experience with energy efficiency, battery storage, combined heat and power (CHP), and commercial solar carport installation. 

ReVamp not only brings years of professional experience in residential and commercial solar, but they also have established relationships and expertise in procuring high quality equipment and products from leading solar manufacturers and suppliers and understand what it takes to get projects across the finish-line with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

The Philosophy

ReVamp Energy’s responsibility to environmental protection and grid sustainability reflects our commitment to becoming a leader in providing the best in renewable energy solutions. We are dedicated to approaching business with the highest set of values, goals, and objectives; to help foster in a new generation of clean renewable energy.  

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The Vision

ReVamp Energy creates innovative, high performing energy solutions that helps to improve the aging electrical grid infrastructure by providing end users with solar power energy generation and energy storage for grid resiliency.  

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The Mission

ReVamp Energy’s mission is to become a leader in the quest to change our world’s dependency on fossil fuel and build a more sustainable electrical grid. By resourcing valuable, natural solar energy and innovative battery technology, we strive to become a trusted partner recognized for their superior customer service, innovative energy efficient solutions, and cost-effective renewable project installations. 

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