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ReVamp Energy is independently owned and operated out of Los Angeles, California. Since the deregulation of energy, ReVamp Energy has been actively involved as Energy Brokers providing Homeowners and Building owners with the most cost effective way to buy electricity and become more energy efficient.

ReVamp Energy has exclusive partnerships with programs, incentives, EPC companies, Finance companies and manufactures that no one else can offer. As certified energy brokers, ReVamp Energy advisors find the best fit and solution for your home or building taking the guess work out off it or having to obtain multiple bids.

ReVamp Energy has helped hundreds of homeowners and building owners with implementation or information for comprehensive energy savings analysis, high yield solar and battery solutions, LED, HVAC and intelligent controls solutions.

We are dedicated to simplifying the energy buying and retrofit buying process. Contact us today to find out how we can help eliminate your electricity bill!

ReVamp Energy


With ReVamp Energy, you gain access to a team of energy management professionals, as well as a certified Energy Advisor as your single point of contact. You have access to FREE consultations to discuss options to increase your properties value, becoming environmentally conscious and saving money on electricity.

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Commercial electricity rates are subject to demand charges which result in the cost of electricity being significantly higher cutting into the bottom line. By allowing ReVamp Energy professionals to offer a FREE consultation you can explore options to increase NOI, hedge against increasing utility cost, and take advantages of state and federal incentives that help become energy efficient.

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With revamp energy you will get a complimentary energy audit and recommendations for making you home more energy efficient and ways you can save on your electricity bill. Homes will now be evaluated and priced by the energy efficiency. Take advantage of ReVamps FREE side by side comparison of previous quotes, utility rates and if solar is a good fit for you.

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With Revamp you will always have access to current incentives, rebates, and utility rates. As we began to transition from our reliance on fossil fuels the market will continue to change and you will be able to lean on the ReVamp team for all solutions and market trends available. There are always new laws and regulations that will have a huge impact on all homeowners and building owners.

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A Few of The Many Happy Clients

  • The Walker Family
    “I recommend ReVamp Energy, and tell them Anita sent you so I can get a $1,000 referral fee 🙂 My experience with ReVamp was exciting. My energy specialist Amanda was very knowledgeable and pleasant! I qualified for the PACE program and it was unreal. I was able to put artificial grass and solar on my home with no money down and a single payment each year on my property tax bill that I am able to write off. I thought it was too good to be true but that is not the case, it is that good. Our family now enjoys our beautiful lawn with little to no maintenance and no watering!! We also now have no energy bill thanks to ReVamp Energy Solutions.”  
    The Walker Family
    7.2 Kw Residential Solar System & Artificial Grass
  • Henry Wu
    “I own several gas stations in the Los Angeles area. I noticed that a lot of other gas station owners were going solar and adding other energy efficient services. I was curious so I did some research and decided reached out to ReVamp and scheduled a site consultation. I was highly impressed with the gentleman (Roger) I met with. After meeting with Roger he presented in a way that was a no brainer for me!! So I decided to give it a shot with one location. I am now in the process of getting my other three gas stations and my home Revamped!! These guys are great and one of the best companies I have dealt with.”
    Henry Wu
    Owner, BP Gas Station
  • Jamie Stallworth
    “As a single parent and female, the thought of an home improvement project was scary and something I didn’t think I could afford. The Energy Specialist that I met with was AWSOME! First, he was not a typical salesman, it took me literally a month before I made the decision to go forward with the project and Jay was patient with me the whole time. I now produce 100% of my own electricity and my monthly payment to finance the system (that I own) is $100 less than my typical utility bill. If you are considering Solar, give ReVamp Energy a chance to earn your business!”
    Jamie Stallworth
    6 kw, Residential Solar System
  • Jon Engle
    “ReVamp Energy was able to offer a solution that lowered my operating cost for my facility. We are a manufacturing company that runs large machinery and the cost to power the facility was $18,000 a year. ReVamp proposed upgrading my lighting to LED and a 41 KW Solar System. My utility bill has been eliminated by 90% and my ROI is a little over 4 years. The ReVamp team were ultimate professionals with an answer for every one of my questions. They worked extremely fast and efficient and I am very pleased with the outcome and experience. I highly recommend ReVamp Energy Solutions.”
    Jon Engle
    Owner, Industrial Supplies, Inc

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